Here are ways to bond with your little one while still in the womb!

We give prints on photo paper for our ultrasounds & send ALL pictures sent to your email! We accept card and cash only. Insurances and Medicaid do NOT cover our exams.

*gift cards are available for purchase!*

2D Love at First Sight 


8-38 weeks only. 2D grey scale imaging. These are best for peace of mind, or just wondering what baby is up to!


-3 printed images

-All images emailed to you

-Option to purchase a DVD recording (Please let us know before the session) for $3


3D sneak peek 


13-21 weeks only. 2D with a quick 3D peek.


-3 prints on photo paper

-Live DVD recording of the session

-All images emailed to you



Heartbeat Animals

$30 (with a purchased ultrasound package) $40 (animal only)

We record YOUR baby's heartbeat with a small device and place it into your choice of stuffed animal! The most special forever keepsake


He or She? What will you be?


15+ weeks only. 2D gender reveal scan! We can give results to you or a loved one in secret if preferred.

-3 printed images 

-All images emailed to you

-Option to purchase a DVD recording (Please let us know before the session) for $3


NEW 5D/HD- detailed Baby's
first photo-op


26-35 weeks only. This is the most up-to-date technology to show you your sweet baby before they are here! You will see baby live in motion during this scan. This is the perfect, once in a lifetime, bonding experience.


-3 colored prints on photo paper

-Live DVD recording of the entire scan

-All images emailed to you

-Access to our newborn photography discount


Order the mom-to-be in your life, a gift card for any ultrasound or photography session! Email us to inquire


Everything you need to know!

How soon can you tell gender? 

What is the difference in 3D and 4D and 5D?

3D/4D is one package. 3D is the detailed still image of your baby. 4D is the “in motion, live” portion of the scan when you see baby in detail, moving, sleeping, whatever they will be doing, in live action. 5D is all of this, in high-definition, giving a more realistic view.

How many people can I bring? Do we need masks?

Mom may bring up to 4 people with her. This does include children and it does apply to our entire facility, not just the scan room.

How do I book an appointment? How far out can I book?

You can call/text 325-698-BABY (2229), message us on Facebook/Instagram, email expressions3d4d@gmail.com, or book on our booking link on our home page under “CLICK TO BOOK”. You may book as close or far out as you need! 

We want our results to be 100% accurate. Ultrasound is best used for gender starting at 15 weeks, depending on baby position, size, fluid, and overall cooperation. If baby does not show us at your appointment a definite he or she, you will be able to come back, free of charge, until we are 100%!

How can I prepare for my 3D/4D scan?

Water water water! Be sure to stay hydrated during your whole pregnancy. Be especially sure to be hydrated during the week of your scan. More water- better amniotic fluid levels- better pictures! Prime time for 3D/4D/5D is 28-32 weeks.

When is the best time for maternity/newborn pictures?

Maternity: 30-34 weeks is recommended

Newborn- 7-14 days old is recommended

*these are just ideal recommendations- we will still work with you if you are outside of these numbers!*