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About Us

Abilene ultrasounds and newborn photography

Expressions is a place for you to enjoy pregnancy. You and 4 guests. We have a variety of entertainment ultrasounds, diagnostic ultrasounds, stuffed animals with YOUR baby's heart beat recording, and newborn photography, all under the same roof, all performed by the owner. Safety is important to us. We follow all precautions to perform safe ultrasounds you can enjoy. (Good news, ultrasound is not radiation and the owner has a degree & multiple registries specializing in ultrasound). Our newborn photography is safe as well, as we have attended several safety education courses. You are only pregnant with this baby once! Enjoy it :)


Our Story

Hi, I am Whitney :) Owner and operator of Expressions. I am a registered ultrasound technologist and award winning newborn photographer. I went to college to specialize in sonography. After working a few years in hospitals and women's centers, I followed my dream to open my very own center. I love bringing joy to families especially in these times. I started newborn photography in Abilene shortly after opening the studio. I have taken several specialty and safety classes, and quickly fell in love with newborn photography. In 2022, I have been featured for best newborn photographer in Abilene, and won an international photography award.

I think one of the most special things about our studio is getting to see baby on ultrasound and then meeting them again for their newborn sessions.

Thank you all for your welcoming and continued support since opening in Abilene.

Meet The Owner

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