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Private Ultrasound Studio Abilene

Expressions is a private owned ultrasound studio in Abilene, Texas. Best known for our advanced technology 5D/HD ultrasounds. We provide a unique bonding experience that you can't get from your usual ultrasound appointments. Hospitals and clinics are usually over worked and try to get the best health diagnosis for you and your baby, so they are left with little time to let you bond and enjoy seeing your baby. We operate with the intention of taking this pressure off of the techs in the clinics, and with the hopes to help you enjoy and create memories with your new bundle of joy. Whether you book a 2D first trimester ultrasound, gender ultrasound or a 5D/HD ultrasound, we take the time to let you enjoy seeing your baby 100% of the time. You will also leave with prints from the ultrasound to cherish and appreciate your baby's features, as well as a significant number of digital pictures emailed to you immediately after your session. Some of our packages come with a DVD that will record your entire sonogram so you can relive it as many times as you want! Ultrasound is the best way to bond with your baby during pregnancy. We have yet to hear someone say they regret this experience :) Book your ultrasound with Expressions below!

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