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When to book a newborn session?

There is a lot to plan and prepare for when you're expecting your greatest gift of all time. Newborn photo sessions are often not thought about until the baby arrives. However, the newborn stage FLIES by. The time window for that ideal newborn session is very short. We prefer to have these newborn shoots done by days 8-21 of life. Babies at this age are usually easier to settle, harder to startle, easier to pose comfortably and safely, sleep longer (we usually prefer baby to be asleep to be able to get a good variety of posing as well as keeping the baby still and safe in these poses) and are less likely to get upset with us for messing with them :)

When to start booking these sessions? Believe it or not, while you are still pregnant is the best time. Since the time frame for newborn photos is so short, a lot of newborn photographers book up quickly. We personally recommend booking with us before 35 weeks if possible. Although, we do try to work everyone in when we can because we do recognize not every can/knew to book ahead. It is just always best to be sure you have a spot.

How does booking a newborn shoot before your due date work?

What we do at Expressions is schedule you about a week or week and a half past your due date. Then, if you have your baby before or after your due date, we will adjust if needed. Most of the time, the date we booked fits in the time frame and does not need to be adjusted!

Do you need to shop for newborn clothing, session outfits, bows, props, etc?

NOPE! We have a full closet for you to choose from. Everyone gets a form prior to their session asking what colors, props, etc they prefer for the newborn session :)

What do I need to bring to the newborn photography session? Most newborn photographers will have you bring the baby ;) extra food because most babies need a snack break, and a pacifier to help soothe in certain positions, diapers and wipes. Other than that, we got the rest covered!

Interested in booking a newborn session with us? We have a new package that lands you a FREE ultrasound & massage certificate :) we would love to work with you and your family!

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