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How to get good 3D 4D pictures

Many people wonder and ask, "how do I make sure I get good 3D pictures?". So let's learn a little about how 3D ultrasound works so we can answer that. *Our 3D ultrasound is listed as 5D HD ultrasound, since it is the updated technology*

Ultrasound uses sound waves to create a picture. As you can imagine, there are factors that play into effect here on how well your pictures turn out. I think we have become so accustomed to how advanced technology is, we forget that ultrasound

is producing an image of your baby's face while still in the womb. That alone is incredible. It also makes things a little tricky. It isn't as easy as snapping a picture with your iphone when your baby is right there in front of you. That being said, this is an amazing experience once you can truly understand and appreciate it. Many of our guests send us before & after pictures comparing their newborn to their sonogram and express how accurate it was. Countless guests express how real the ultrasound made everything feel. It finally hit them- there is a baby in there! Others also express how good it felt to bond with their baby in the best way possible while waiting for their arrival.

The factors that play into 3D ultrasound: amniotic fluid, baby's position, mother's build, placenta, and gestational age of the baby.

Amniotic fluid- this is the most important factor when considering a 3D 4D ultrasound. The 3D technology will image the first solid object. So, if you have lower fluid and the baby's face is pressing up against the uterus, we won't see baby's face, we'll see uterus. Staying hydrated in pregnancy is so important, but also plays a big part in how well your ultrasound turns out. We recommend drinking at least 2 liters per day.

Baby's position- we don't have much control over the baby's position since they have minds of their own and will move in whatever way they want. However, we can usually get baby to move at some point. They could have their backs facing us, their hands in their face, etc. Drinking a sugary drink (if you can) immediately before your session can help them be more active and allow them to move if they are in a difficult position. We don't always see the entire face 100%, but we will make sure you see majority and are happy with your pictures. No one leaves here without something to cherish in their hands :)

Gestational age- performing these ultrasounds too early can be unappealing since the baby's face hasn't had enough time to fatten up. Performing them too late can cause them to be smooshed against your uterus or have their head too low. The best time to do these 4D ultrasounds, are around 28-32 weeks gestation.

Regardless of the factors, we strive to make this an enjoyable experience you can only get once in a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you and your little one!

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