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Expressions is now giving moms the option to have their diagnostic ultrasounds in a warm, welcoming, comfortable studio. We allow moms to bring 4 guests with them to these appointments. We believe no one should go through these pregnancy and life milestones alone. You have a CHOICE in where you have your care. When your physician or midwife mentions an ultrasound, you can 100% choose us to perform them.

Diagnostic Ultrasound details

We will not at this time accept insurance BUT our prices are more than affordable (compared to the $1700 you may be quoted elsewhere without insurance). Our pricing ranges from $80-$185. We CAN send you an itemized receipt for you to send to your insurance company so it can go towards your deductible. We DO need a physicians order/authorization for these diagnostic exams. Your doctor can email them to or you can bring them to your appointment. Email is preferred.


Exams offered:

1st Trimester/Dating/Initial Sonogram: $95 CPT- 76801 

Nuchal Translucency- $75 CPT- 76813

Third Trimester Growth- $85 CPT- 76816

Detailed Fetal Anatomy- $165 CPT- 76805     Twins- $185 CPT- 76810

Follow up- $80 CPT- 76815

BPP- $145 CPT- 76818

You will have the option to add a 3D/4D/5D at a discount if desired! You also have access to our newborn and sitter photography deals!

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